Designing back in Melbourne

Designing back in Melbourne 06/12/2016

So it has been a little while since updating the site.... but I have been a very busy boy indeed.  I have spent the last few years travelling in over 15 countries of Europe based out of Berlin, DE and Edinburgh SCO gaining inspiration and soaking up the sensory delights of all on offer. Especially in the art and design world.

After returning back to home soll we set up base camp in Bruthen, East Gippsland, Victoria AUS for the last 18 months... A small town 4hrs from Melbourne with great countryside scapes, creative people and has gave a new perspective on life after living in some pretty tiny apartments around the globe.  

Now, my wife and I are pleased to have relocated (yet again) to Ivanhoe, Melbourne, AUS. Setting up new digs and design gigs in order to focus on embarking on creative endeavors with old and new clients. 

Please feel free to touch base in regards to any design projects you wish to pursue,