Eclipse Partition System

Product name

Eclipse Partition System


Individual Honours project


Write Up

The eclipse office partition system is designed in response to the increasing need of adjustable private spaces within open plan offices. By allowing workers access to versatile and adjustable private spaces, productivity can be increased by allowing communication streams to remain open or privacy maintained. The real issue of privacy is not enclosure but control over accessibility.


The Eclipse Partition System revolves around current office trends of hot desks, just in time furniture and distributed possession to allow a flexible and pro-active work environment. The Eclipse Partition System consists of four main components; Hot desk, Pattern table, Table Partition and Full size partition. Each component of the system when used in conjunction allows space to be divided into meeting areas, private space or breakout zones, yet are movable and flexible to allow freedom of layout when privacy requirements change depending on the task at hand.


Designed to encompass Eco-sense principles of respect for the environment and sustainability, the Eclipse Partition System features components that work together to make more efficient use of space with eco-friendly materials to allow design for disassembly and recycling. Incorporated technology of e-ink allows users to personalize space using immersion of visual stimuli to become a more efficient and productive working environment, breaking from the standardized format of today’s modular work cells.


Please contact me if you would like more information or my thesis publication regarding this design