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Elite Choice

Eclipse Office Space System - Eco provacy

It addresses the need for adjustable private spaces within open offices. It helps create flexible partitions without disturbing the aesthetics of the surroundings. Eclipse Office Partition System that has been the result of work by Australian designer Marcus Ward Curran, is a modular workplace that can not only evolve and adapt to the needs of privacy and interaction change during the course of the day.

It takes into account the current office needs of desks, spot furniture, and distributed possession of furniture. Its four main components are, the hot desk, pattern table, table partition and full size partition. Every one of its components, when used along with others, can deceptively allow a space to get divided into a meeting area, a private space or a breakout zone. The components are movable and flexible, which is what gives the offices their much needed freedom of layout while letting privacy thrive within an open office space.

Despite its techno look, the product has adhered to eco-sense principles of respect to the environment. Materials that have gone into making the product are eco-friendly materials and allow design for disintegration and recycling.