from the west coast... to the east coast... Canada / US missions

from the west coast... to the east coast... Canada / US missions 10/03/2011

So after a long time between updates I am finally back in Melbourne after many awesome adventures in the northern hemisphere, snowboarding, touring, meeting and smiling.

Although much colder than what we experience back home in Australia, I am full of inspiration and ideas and can't wait to continue creating after all that Ive seen.

On this trip i travelled from the west to east coast Canada and met many friendly faces, inspiring designers and viewed some great exhibitions in all aspects of design, from product to graphic design, fine art, architecture and sculpture... not to mention the cultures, cuisine and street art that can easily go by unnoticed. I love getting lost in this world to generate ideas or attributes towards design that i may never have found in my own town. You never know where or when you may meet these ideas, ideals or ideallic lifestyle.

For now it is back to work and generating concepts for my trusted clients and some new ventures attained along the way. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring.

I always wish to walk the road less travelled. As ideas, concepts and illustrations go.... maybe this is where the new frontier may lead.