Returned from europe.. inspired

Returned from europe.. inspired 16/08/2010

After 6 weeks of traveling around the northern parts of Europe's design hubs (Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) I'm back, fresh, inspired and ready to create.

Immersing myself in all forms of design from street level graffitti through hi-end design houses and galleries in both historical, experimental and new wave realms, absorbing constantly. It comes as no surprise that design in these cultures regarded as key to developing icons of the nation through creativity leading to some of the worlds most influential scenes from architecture, furniture/product design and graphic art. It seems at times no matter where you look there is reference to this high respect to design as a community and a great source of inspiration to the outsider.

To compare the creative scenes of Melbourne to this part of the world can be a real feast for the senses where lines can be drawn between the creative landscape given the global community of today. Language is no barrier in the creative world. With Melbourne highly respected around the world as Australia's creative hub, the parallels towards nurturing of our talents are similar, evolving to help entrench design in our mindset through appreciation of our own and international aesthetics in high regard.

I look forward to once again experiencing new cultures and creatives first hand in the not too distant to expose yet another layer of the global design onion and help form and enrich my own design outlook.