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navigator reversing camera


TDJ Australia


Write Up

Improving upon an earlier model, the Gator stealth cam uses less plastic and materials than before, housing components in a more compact shell with increased resilience to weather and impact, equating to a harder working, longer lasting product. Not only reducing visual impact when installed, the smaller design means less weight and increased volume in terms of shipping quantities and reduced tool size and material usage in production. The universal steel bracket (100% recyclable) designed to suit all vehicles through variable orientation setup allows one unit designed for all, reducing need for product variations an one colourway reduces setup waste.

Primarily a safety device, the Gator Driver Assist Stealth Cam's designed to aid the visual ability to see behind the vehicle when reversing or connecting a trailer. Discreetly fastening to numberplate mounts, it's unobtrusive to the visual form of the vehicle, removing the need for additional drill holes to fasten. Variable mounting options suit any vehicle scenario. Dual-tech capabilities allow wireless / wired connection to the display, relaying real time images on a LCD monitor to the driver. Water resistant to 1m for 30 minutes is perfect for lining up a boat trailer or withstand high pressure hoses in cleaning.

Every year accidents, injuries and even fatalities occur due to poor visibility or obstructed vision for the driver when reversing. Such instances are potentially avoidable if the Gator Driver Assist Stealth Cam is used to aid the driver with a clear view of what is behind the vehicle.

Dual-tech wired/wireless capabilities give flexibility in setup options. Not all vehicles are suited to wireless systems due to background electronic noise or interference created by other components. This means that if that a user encounters a problem with interference to wireless it can simply be converted to wired as required. It is the first time a camera has been built from the ground up for both operations without the need of a separate transmission box. The image quality is crisp and clear regardless of what system is chosen.

In low light scenarios, 12 super bright LED's complement reversing lights to light up the scene for a clear view. The CMOS chip converts light to electrons translating the data for view on a monitor. Recent advances in technology and increased production volume have brought the chip to a cheaper price increasing accessibility and adoption to the mass market. It is the same image processor as used by leading digital camera brands. Combined with a hi-end wide angle/focal lens equates to unparalleled image quality not seen before in this category leading to its patented design. As with any combined devices it's only as strong as it's weakest link, a poor LCD monitor will result in poor image quality. Gator provides a solution with a Hi-end Display designed to work in unison with the camera sold at the point of purchase however can be used with a screen of any brand.

As the device will spend the majority of its time exposed to the elements, it is capable of withstanding the same resilience and durability of the rest of the car. The scratch proof lens cover constructed from ........ plastic can resist abrasive and shock forces to remain clear. The seamless, one part molded design not only looks great but is waterproof to 1m submersion for up to 30 minutes and easy to clean, even with hi-pressure water jets.

Featuring a universal mounting bracket designed to suit all Australian vehicles via standardised mounting holes, in combination with versatile orientation options the unit can be fitted to suit any vehicle by the professional or consumer alike in variable options. For a worldwide market, only the mounting bracket need be modified to suit each countries numberplate hole dimensions.

Its small, unobtrusive visual form fits discreetly above the numberplate or under the rear eave, with mounting hardware hidden from view to provide a great after market solution to cars without sensors or cameras fitted as standard. The cosmetics of the camera are stylish and smooth where form has been dictated to encase internal components without excess resulting in a system that looks as good as it works.