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Workstation Creation

Office decorating trends may make for amusing coffee table books, but as a rule, cubicle farms are nothing to get excited about. Combine the lack of privacy with today’s open plan spaces, and finding a quiet corner to work in becomes nearly impossible.

Designer Marcus Ward Curran has an alternative:  the Eclipse Office Partition System. His vision comprises an elegant combination of components that barely resemble traditional office furniture. Ward Curran came up with the concept as part of his honors industrial design thesis while he was a student at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He believes that controlling accessibility is the key to giving users a sense of privacy. While the Eclipse Partition System is still largely conceptual, Ward Curran does have a table currently in production with Nortek within the European Union.

Featuring curves and contours reminiscent of the classic VW Bug, the Eclipse Office Partition System is both practical and visually arresting. Ward Curran’s system is in keeping with modern office design trends. With the economy continuing to drive down furniture budgets, and today’s tech-savvy workers expecting the latest technology as standard apparatus, portable, eco-friendly equipment is becoming a requirement. It’s not a new idea, but today’s focus on design is once again calling for furniture that promotes productivity, this time around through flexible groupings, with updated accommodations for technology and high-level communications options.

The fully adjustable system combines a hot desk — one desk that can be used by co-workers — with a pattern table and two partitions, one table-sized and one that can serve as a partition wall. Each piece fits together to make large group meeting areas or smaller breakout zones, and then can be easily separated to regain privacy.
In addition to built-in lighting, units include a radio frequency identification sensor, recharging mat to keep all electronics at the ready and integrated, pillar-based speakers with a camera and internal projection system for teleconferencing. All the necessities today’s workers need to get through a day of multitasking are here, wireless, adjustable and easily mobile.

Individual workstations of the Eclipse Office Partition System include the desk, a task chair and a hood made of panels that can be individually retracted or closed. Once inside, you can use the screen panels for teleconferencing or as privacy walls, or set them to display customized images, from rippling waves to a variety of patterns and even colors that can change throughout the day. Embedded lights, speakers and video cameras are all conveniently located in the support bars that contain the panels. You can easily close yourself in entirely for ultimate concentration, or adjust the panels to allow for fresh air and visitors.

Either way, the Eclipse promotes a feeling of confidence that, whether working solo or with a team, your space will adjust physically, digitally and with ultimate style. www.mgwcdesign.com