Product name

US Audio Zpower car amplifier


TDJ Australia


Write Up

The long awaited Z-Power series has arrived.

Power as you know it has never sounded so good! The new Z-power range of amplifiers is more than just brute force. Sure, every one knows that US-Audio has always been the clear winner in terms of bang for your buck. However, the new US-Audio Z-Power range has the ability to think. We like to call that brainpower. The new Z-power range has a unique system protection circuit that constantly monitors the speaker output system to detect wiring faults, speaker malfunctions and even intermittent speaker connectivity.

With US-Audio there is no more shelling out big bucks for little return from your hard-earned dollars. The new Z-Power range has hit new benchmarks in efficiency, versatility, intelligent design and power output.

Sleek and simple extrusion with gun metal matte finish and gloss black graphic accented by injection molded endplates will look good as a standalone or paired install in any car with all the heat sinks neatly diamond cut ensuring optimum running temperatures. Additional central grille feature evokes a racing quality to suit all vehicles in search of power and performance from aftermarket products.

Available in both 2 and 4 channel applications

Tech specs:

- Digital Mono Block
- 1200 Watts RMS
- Full 1 ohm Stability
- Bridgeable using 2 Mono Blocks
  (2400 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohm)
- Pure D-Class Technology High Power Amplifier
- Adjustable Sub-Sonic Filter
- Phase Alignment Control
- Remote Subwoofer Level Control